'Weagle Workers' Student Job Information

'Weagle Workers' Student Job Information

IMPORTANT: This form is for departments and units that are seeking student employees. Students who would like more information about on-campus jobs should not complete this form, but should visit the Student Employment website

AU Human Resources has created the Weagle Workers (On-Campus Student Job Opportunities) website, giving students a centralized location to review a variety of on-campus job opportunities. While this is not an all-inclusive list, it does capture many of the opportunities that are currently available. In addition to reviewing the listings on this site, students are also encouraged to check directly with the departments/units on campus for additional opportunities that may not be currently advertised. 

HR created this website to benefit students and on-campus employers:

  • Many students have told us that they have difficulty with identifying on-campus job opportunities. Often, these postings are only shared with a relatively small group of students. With the new website, our goal is to offer students a “centralized” location where they can review on-campus job postings from dozens of departments and units.

  • Many student supervisors also tell us that they would like to reach more students with their postings. Departments and units that choose to submit postings for this website should reach more students, thus increasing their number of qualified applicants.

We encourage departments/units to share their student job openings with HR by completing and then submitting this form.  For more information email weagleworkers@auburn.edu or call 844-1671. 

HR will update the Weagle Workers website on a frequent basis. Generally, HR will post a submitted and approved listing within three to five business days of submission. Departments and units are encouraged, but not required, to submit postings for this website.

Last updated: 09/11/2019