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Welcome to Project PeopleAdmin!

Welcome to Project PeopleAdmin!

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Auburn University Human Resources has created this page to help guide internal users and applicants through the process of implementing PeopleAdmin products.

Applicant Tracking and Recruiting

Auburn University utilizes PeopleAdmin for its Applicant Tracking and Recruiting processes. Effective Jan. 13, 2020, we upgraded the non-faculty and TES employment system from version 5.8, to 7.0. With this upgrade, we will also implement brand new PeopleAdmin products to include platforms for Onboarding, Performance Management and Position Management.


On June, 1, 2020, AU will also launch our new onboarding module, PeopleAdmin Employee Records. The new module (Employee Records) will launch for Staff, Administrative/Professional (A/P), and TES employees. (It will launch for student employees and faculty at a later date.) The new module will:

  • Facilitate the onboarding process,
  • Finalize and store new hire paperwork,
  • Expedite workflow processes, and
  • Assign new employee checklists.

As we implement these products throughout 2020, we will update this page with timelines, information, and training. We will also post project updates, user manuals and other important resources to assist users through the project. Please refer to this page for guidance through this process. 

Information for Job Applicants

Auburn University upgraded its employment website ( for Non-Faculty and Temporary Employment jobs on Jan. 13, 2020. 

Due to this upgrade, applicants will not be able to access any materials or applications to previously applied positions, as the system upgrade could not transfer applicant accounts to the new system. However, applicants will still be considered for any open positions they applied for in the old system, prior to Jan. 13, 2020. If selected to interview for these positions, they will be contacted using the information provided in their application.

If you are interested in applying for any jobs posted on the new site, after Jan. 13, 2020, you must create a new account.

For more information, please email the Employment Services team at

Information for Hiring Departments/Internal Users

The new system for Non-Faculty and TES positions went live on Jan. 13, 2020. The previous system, version 5.8, may still be accessed using an updated web address. Please reach out to your division’s Human Resources Liaison for information on accessing the 5.8 system.

All employment searches that began in the 5.8 system may be completed in this system. Any new postings should be submitted in the new system, version 7, which can be accessed using the same URL:

Internal user accounts were transferred to the new system. Your division’s HR Liaison will reach out to you with instructions for logging in for the first time. If you have any issues accessing your account, please submit a PeopleAdmin Service Request form and the Employment Services team will assist you.

Applicant Tracking System Resources


Important: The Faculty system will remain at the following link:

Onboarding (Employee Records) Resources

AU PeopleAdmin Helpdesk


Last updated: 05/29/2020