Register for HRD courses through Fast-Train Human Resources

Register for HRD courses through Fast-Train

Entering Fast-Train

Here is how you access Fast-Train:

The sign-in for Fast-Train is located within the AU Access portal. Sign into AU Access from the University’s main web page.

  • Go to the “Employees” tab.
  • On that page under “Professional Development” click on “Fast-Train,” and you will be taken directly to your Fast-Train page. That page will assist you with its operation.

For more information call 844-1693 or  (Note: You will either be in the system as a level 1 user or level 2 user/supervisor.  Those at level 1 can only see their own training history, but those at level 2 can see their history and that of the employees they supervise.)

Training History

To view your training history, click on the History tab on your home screen in Fast-Train.  You may print a copy of your training history from this screen.  It should be complete; if it is not please contact

Fast-Train Generated Emails

Based on the action taking place, Fast-Train generates these emails:

  • To the employee indicating that we know that he/she has requested a particular course.
  • To the supervisor asking the supervisor to go to Fast-Train to approve or disapprove of the employee taking the course.
  • If the course is full, to the requesting employee indicating that he/she has been placed on a waiting list.
  • If the course is open, to the employee indicating that the request for attendance has been approved.
  • To the employee, if registered, reminding him/her that the class is coming up.
  • Once the employee has attended the session, indicating that the course has now been entered as completed in his/her training history. All emails will appear to be from
  • To the employee and supervisor if the employee enrolled but did not attend the course.
Last updated: 09/06/2019