Spirit of Excellence Recipients

The following Auburn University employees have been recognized as Spirit of Excellence winners.  Complete and submit this form if you would like to nominate someone for the Spirit of Excellence Award or learn additional information about the program.  

March 2018

  • Megan Gamache, Office Administration, Office of University Writing

  • Paul John, Service/Maintenance, Project Construction

February 2018

  • Lochlyn Knight, Office Administration, College of Liberal Arts

  • Michael Moore, Service/Maintenance, Facilities

  • Teresa Gibson, Administrative/Professional, Student Affairs

  • David Musgrave, Technical/Paraprofessional, OIT

January 2018

  • Melanie Brown, Office Administration, Liberal Arts

  • Leigh Ann Ballard, Administrative/Professional, Pharmacy

December 2017

  • Priscilla Rae Little, Office Administration, Student Affairs

  • Britain Chase Bowen, Administrative/Professional, Student Affairs 

November 2017

  • Joe E. Cleere, Office Administration, University Libraries

  • James L. Johnson, Administrative/Professional, Biosystems Engineering 

October 2017

  • Michele P. Smith, Biological Sciences

  • Fawn Willis, Undergraduate Studies 

September 2017

  • Kim Nichols, Office of Alumni and Development (IMS)

  • Barbara Barnes, Parking Services

  • Eric Smith, Student Affairs

  • Angela Dorman, Office of Information Technology 

August 2017

  • Barbara J. Yates, Office Administration, Liberal Arts

  • Joseph E. Carlson, Administrative/Professional, Academic Affairs

  • Mildred B. Tye, Technical/Paraprofessional, Office of Information Technology 

July 2017

  • Satrina Kelley-Jordan, Office Administration, Agriculture 

  • Lerone Joseph, Administrative/Professional, Auxiliary (Residence Life)

  • Travis Tally, Service/Maintenance, Facilities 

June 2017

  • Ashley Pangle, Office Administration, College of Agriculture

  • Zachary Channell, Service/Maintenance, Facilities

  • Brian Brown, Administrative/Professional, College of Agriculture 

May 2017

  • Brenda M. Ray, Office Administration, University Libraries 

  • Elizabeth W. Scarborough, Administrative/Professional, College of Agriculture

  • Donald R. Hornsby, Jr., Service/Maintenance, Facilities 

April 2017

  • Amy Lynn Hutchins, Office Administration, English 

  • Candace Moore, Service/Maintenance, Custodial Services

  • Clay Ritenbaugh, Technical/Paraprofessional, Information System Support

  • Don Andrae, Administrative/Professional, Parking Services 

March 2017

  • Angela Jackson Head, Office Administration, Communication Disorders

  • Codi R. Plaster, Administrative/Professional, Poultry Science

  • Jonathan M. Warren, Technical/Paraprofessional, Liberal Arts Administration

  • Barbara Barnes, Service/Maintenance, Parking Services 

February 2017

  • Kimberly Ford, Office Administration, Theatre/College of Liberal Arts

  • Christopher Cox, Technical/Paraprofessional, Info and Instructional Technology/Vet Medicine

  • Donna Tucker, Administrative/Professional, Risk Management

  • Sheila Hooks, Service/Maintenance, Student Center 

January 2017

  • Patricia Branum, Administrative/Professional, Library 

  • Taleeda Edwards, Office Administration, Foreign Language

  • Katrina Ponder, Technical/Paraprofessional, Information Technology

  • Betty Terry, Service/Maintenance, Custodial Services

Last updated: 05/25/2018