Spirit of Excellence Recipients

Each month, Auburn University recognizes as many as four employees with the Spirit of Excellence award.  Employees are recognized from each of the following groups:
  • Service/Maintenance

  • Secretarial/Clerical

  • Technical

  • Administrative/Professional

Award Criteria

In order to be selected as a Spirit of Excellence Award winner, an employee must:

  • Be a regular Auburn University employee (excludes temporary employees, graduate and under graduate student employees, county agents and extension specialists, and tenure track and non-tenure track faculty) with the exception of Research Associates;

  • Have at least one year continuous employment with Auburn University; and,

  • Have a performance evaluation rating that meets or exceeds expectations at the time of nomination.

Recipients must also meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Goes "beyond the call of duty” to improve service, quality, and the department’s or unit’s image;

  • Exemplifies professionalism and dedication to excellent service by putting forth extra effort;

  • Performs "outstanding contributions of significance",

  • Achieves specific or sustained accomplishments that exceed normal expectations; or

  • Initiates or brings a job to a successful conclusion.

How to Nominate an Employee

Employees may be nominated for these awards by any regular Auburn University employee, including university faculty. Nominations are not limited to your immediate area of employment.

In order to nominate an employee, a nomination form must be completed and sent to the Spirit of Excellence Award Selection Committee, c/o University Human Resources: 1550 East Glenn Ave. Nominations must be received by the 15th of each month.

Nominations will remain in effect for a period of one year from the date submitted. 

Recent Recipients

May 2019

Patrick Stringer


Mary Townsend

Custodial Services

Jennifer Jones Sconyers


Donald Davino

Pharmacy Administration

April 2019

Janeva Cole

Veterinary Medicine

Jeffrey Gunter

Student Affairs

Ronald Booth


Christopher Arrington


March 2019

Caroline Bush

University Housing

Lindsey Motley

Career Services

Barbara Cosby

Office of Information Technology

February 2019

John Cargill

Business and Finance

Joy Brown


Alexander Shipp

Office of Information Technology

January 2019

Diana Foshee

Office of Information Technology

Ross Blair

Liberal Arts

Martin Pierce


December 2018

Cherry Buckhannon


Marilyn Floyd


Karla Kirkemo

Career Services and Cooperative Education

Karen Cooper


November 2018

Janet Bandy


Donna Kent

Liberal Arts

Korbin Dimmick

Auburn Abroad

October 2018

Staci Leiser


Leanne Fuller

Human Resources

Sedrick Jefferson

University Libraries

September 2018

April McFarlin

Human Resources

Chris Thompson

Human Resources

Jeffrey Gulledge


Geoffrey Peel

Office of Information Technology

August 2018

Megan Adamson

College of Agriculture 

Takisha Brown

Human Resources

Joshua Henderson

Office of Information Technology

July 2018

Kay Holloway

College of Agriculture (Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences)

Arlene Brown

Human Resources

Hiro Fukai

Office of Information Technology

June 2018

Michael Freeman

Risk Management

Holly Williams

Recreation and Wellness

Trey Mann

Office of Information Technology

May 2018

Melinda Nunn

University Libraries

Davis Cooper


David Simon

Office of Information Technology

April 2018

Tanya Stringer

College of Human Sciences

John Goodman

Facilities (Landscaping)

Juanita Dowdell

Architectural Design (Academic Programs)

Jason DeBlanc

Office of Information Technology

March 2018

Megan Gamache

Office of University Writing

Paul John

Facilities (Project Construction)

David Simon

Office of Information Technology

February 2018

Lochlyn Knight

College of Liberal Arts

Michael Moore

Facilities (Service and Maintenance)

Teresa Gibson

Student Affairs

David Musgrave

Office of Information Technology

January 2018

Melanie Brown

College of Liberal Arts

Leigh Ann Ballard


Employees of the Year

Each monthly winner of the Spirit of Excellence Award will be eligible to receive the Employee of the Year Award. The winners will be announced and recognized at the annual Employee Recognition Award ceremony.  An employee selected as a Spirit of Excellence Award winner cannot be nominated again prior to the annual university-wide Employee Recognition Award ceremony in the spring.

Last updated: 05/31/2019