Health (Medical) Insurance

Health (Medical) Insurance

Auburn University has a self insured group health insurance program for Full-Time University Employees with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alabama acting as an administrator for the processing of medical claims and American Behavioral providing mental health and substance abuse coverage. Below is a brief summary of the health insurance benefits.


Active full-time, non-student employees are eligible if the most recent appointment period is continuous for a minimum of one year (nine or twelve months as appropriate to the appointment). The university also offers Health insurance to all employees who work an average of 30 or more hours per week over a measurement period.

Student employees and part-time employees who are not benefits eligible, but work an average of 30 hours or more weekly (1,560 hours/year) during a 12-month period will be ACA-eligible for the Auburn University Health Plan. In addition, part-time employees who are reasonably expected to work 30 hours a week for the first 90 days will be ACA-eligible for Auburn University Health Plan. Participation in the program is optional. There is no waiting period for pre-existing conditions.


New employees must enroll within the first 30 days of employment. Others may apply for enrollment during the annual open enrollment period of November 1 through November 30.

Summary of Health Benefits and Coverage

Health Benefit Booklet/Summary of Plan Descriptions 


The university contributes a portion of the bi-weekly or monthly premium. The employee's share is deducted from his/her paycheck and is exempt from Federal, State, and FICA/Medicare Taxes.

Tobacco Discount

All Auburn University employees enrolled in the health insurance plan receive a $20 per month tobacco discount by certifying that they (and their spouse/sponsored adult dependent, if applicable) are not tobacco users. Employees must certify their tobacco use status to Human Resources/Payroll & Employee Benefits to qualify for the discount. (An employee only has to certify once. They do not currently have to recertify every year.) As an alternative, the employee and/or spouse/sponsored adult dependent may complete the Pack It Up program - which is available through the Auburn University Pharmaceutical Care Center - to qualify for the discount. Contact the AUPCC for more information.

Baby Yourself Program

If you or your spouse is pregnant, Baby Yourself offers individual care by a registered nurse. Please call BCBS nurses at 1-800-222-4379 (or 733-7065 in Birmingham) as soon as you find out you are pregnant. Begin care for you and your baby as early as possible and continue throughout your pregnancy. Your baby has the best chance for a healthy start by early, thorough care while you are pregnant. If you fall into one of the following risk categories, please tell your doctor and your Baby Yourself nurse:
  • Ages 35 or older

  • High blood pressure

  • Diabetes

  • History of previous premature births

  • Multiple births (twins, triplets, etc.)

If you enroll in the Baby Yourself Program during the first sixteen weeks of your pregnancy your employer will waive the inpatient deductible of $200 for the delivery of your baby.

International Travel

If you are traveling outside of the United States and are a participant in the Auburn University Health Plan you carry your healthcare benefits with you through BlueCard Worldwide. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama partners with the other Blues to provide this service for you and the covered members of your family at no additional charge. Please call Customer Service at 1-800-633-8052 for more information before you travel. 

International Travel - University Business

If you are traveling outside the United States on University business you will need to coordinate that travel with the Office of International Programs. Please review the section on Travel Requests (RAT-50) for information on International Travel Request Policy and Procedure. Upon completion of the RAT-50 you will be enrolled in MEDEX International Travel Insurance program. Please contact the OIP office at 334-844-5001 for more information.

Travel Assistance (Domestic and International)

Standard Insurance, our provider for Group Life Insurance and Optional Voluntary Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D), also provides Travel Assistance to all employees who are covered by the Group Life Insurance. If you, or any member of your immediate family (including children up to age 26), are travelling more than 100 miles from home, including internationally, then FrontierMEDEX can help you with any problems you may encounter. Please see the MedEx Employee Brochure for details of the services provided and print the card from page seven to carry with you when you travel.

Continuation of Coverage through COBRA

Continuation of your group health benefits as provided by the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986 is available for employees, spouses, and dependents after certain qualifying events occur. Additional information including cost and application for applying for coverage is available at Payroll & Employee Benefits.

Continuation of Coverage through Family Medical Leave Act

Employees approved for leave under the FMLA will be permitted to continue their group health insurance coverage with no change in premium in accordance with the University's policy and procedures.

Termination of Coverage

  1. Upon termination of employment an employee and his/her dependents will be covered for the time period for which his/her last premium was deducted. Coverage shall cease automatically and without notice unless coverage is continued under COBRA.

  2. The coverage of the spouse of an employee shall terminate automatically and without notice as of the date of divorce or other termination of the marriage, and on such date the spouse shall cease to be a member unless coverage is continued under COBRA.

  3. The coverage of a child as a member shall terminate automatically and without notice as of the date such child ceases to be dependent unless coverage is continued under COBRA. 

Salary Under $27,300 (Effective Jan. 1, 2019)
Pay ID Self EE+Sp EE+Ch Family
Biweekly 51.45 107.49 97.75 122.39
Monthly 111.49 232.88 211.81 265.17
18-Pay 74.31 155.26 141.21 176.77


Salary $27,300 to $40,799 (Effective Jan. 1, 2019)
Pay ID Self EE+Sp EE+Ch Family
Biweekly 77.17 161.24 146.63 183.58
Monthly 167.21 349.32 317.71 397.75
18-Pay 111.49 232.88 211.82 265.15


Salary Equal to/Above $40,800 (Effective Jan. 1, 2019)
Pay ID Self EE+Sp EE+Ch Family
Biweekly 102.89 214.96 195.51 244.76
Monthly 222.95 465.76 423.60 530.32
18-Pay 148.65 310.52 282.42 353.54

Self = Employee Only; EE + Sp = Employee plus Spouse (or Sponsored Adult Dependent); EE + Ch = Employee plus Child(ren) (including Sponsored Child Dependents); Family = Employee plus Spouse (or Sponsored Adult Dependent) and any enrolled Child(ren) (including Sponsored Child Dependents). 

All premiums deductions are on a pre-tax basis except where not permitted by State and/or federal regulations for Sponsored Adult and/or Sponsored Child Dependents.

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