Preferred Dental Program

Preferred Dental Program

Auburn University has a self insured group dental program for full-time University employees with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alabama acting as an administrator for the processing of claims. The dental plan contains two options from which to choose. A brief summary of the two plans appears below. Participation in the plan is optional.


Active full-time non-student employees are eligible if the most recent appointment period is continuous for a minimum of one year (nine or twelve months as appropriate to the appointment).


Participation in the program is optional. An employee/dependent who is eligible to participate must elect coverage within 30 days of date of employment or eligibility or during the open enrollment in November of each year. Once you have elected to enroll in the plan you cannot change or revoke this election unless there is a change in family status (e.g. marriage, divorce, childbirth, or death of spouse or dependent). All employees who enroll in one of the dental plans will make a commitment to be in the program for at least a two consecutive year period.

2019 Dental Premiums

Basic Plan Self EE + Sp EE + Ch Family
Biweekly 5.82 13.08 12.50 18.90
Monthly 12.60 28.35 27.09 40.95
18-pay 8.40 18.90 18.06 27.30

Expanded Plan Self EE + Sp EE + Ch Family
Biweekly 13.82 31.10 29.72 44.93
Monthly 29.95 67.39 64.39 97.34
18-pay 19.97 44.93 42.93 64.89

All premiums deductions are on a pre-tax basis except where not permitted by State and/or federal regulations for Sponsored Adult and/or Sponsored Child Dependents.
Self = Employee Only; EE + Sp = Employee plus Spouse (or Sponsored Adult Dependent); EE + Ch = Employee plus Child(ren) (including Sponsored Child Dependents); Family = Employee plus Spouse (or Sponsored Adult Dependent) and any enrolled Child(ren) (including Sponsored Child Dependents).

Last updated: 02/12/2019