For Payroll Coordinators



Departments are responsible for the prompt payment of employees through timely preparation and submission of complete, authorized appointment and payroll documents.

Steps that departmental personnel should take to ensure accurate and timely pay for employees:

  1. Meet EPAF AND PAYROLL DEADLINES. These dates are posted on the Employee Services tab of AUACCESS. It is recommended that initiation of required documents not be left to the last minute. If a new employee begins work late in the pay period and the deadline cannot be met, be sure he or she understands that the first payment will be delayed until the next scheduled pay date for the applicable employee class. Remind student employees that time sheets submitted after the cut-off time will be processed on the next scheduled payroll. Verify job data on NBAJOBS for new employees and any changes made by EPAF. Verify job data on NBAJOBS for new employees and any changes made by EPAF.


  2. Carefully review the MONTHLY AND SEMIMONTHLY PAYROLL VERIFICATIONS AND BIWEEKLY RECAP TIME SHEETS. If an employee who should appear there does not, confirm that the proper paperwork has been sent to the HR office and/or that the appropriate EPAF has been submitted and approved. Contact the HR office with any questions concerning the job assignment.


  3. Carefully review the NAMES LISTED ON THE WEB TIME ENTRY SCREEN whether or not there is time to be entered for all individuals (this includes monthly and semimonthly employees as well as biweekly). If an employee is missing, follow up just as in item 2 above.


  4. Carefully review the COMPARISON REPORT to be sure the hours shown for each employee are correct. All employees to be paid are listed there. Immediately report any discrepancies to Payroll & Employee Benefits by email at


  5. On the day after the payroll is run PRINT the Post Payroll Processing Report. The person responsible for approving time and leave should sign and date a hardcopy of the report to indicate review and approval and maintain the report in the department for three years after the end of the fiscal year in which the records were created.