Dave Worley
Professor Emeritus


ph:  334-844-6943

Physical & Organic Chemistry: FTIR, catalysis, surface science, biocides, N-halamines

Our research primarily focuses on two areas - the syntheses and testing of novel N-halamine biocidal compounds and FTIR studies of the interactions of small molecules with catalytic films.

The first area involves chemistry applicable to industrial and commercial needs. A variety of new N-halamine compounds, both water-soluble monomers and water-insoluble polymers, have been prepared and characterized. The monomers will be used as disinfectants for recreational water, cooling towers, household sanitization applications, and for a variety of medical purposes. The polymers have been shown to function as excellent biocidal water filters and as biocidal coatings for surfaces which require frequent sterilization. This work has resulted in the awarding of more than 25 patents, and a Seattle-based company has been established to commercialize the technology in the areas of water disinfection and surface sterilization. Additional information can be obtained from the web site www.halosource.com. Current work involves preparation and testing of biocidal polymeric coating and elastomeric materials.

The second area involves attempts to bridge the gap between high-vacuum surface science and industrial catalytic chemistry. This is highly fundamental research involving the detection of surface intermediates during the course of catalytic interactions using FTIR as an analytical probe. The work has led to many publications in physical chemistry and surface science journals.

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Last updated: 01/05/2012