What is AMSTI?

The Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative, commonly referred to as AMSTI, is the Alabama Department of Education's initiative to improve math and science education across the state.  AMSTI provides students with well-trained teachers and the equipment, materials, and resources needed for hands-on, activity-based math and science education.  Also, teachers are supported and mentored by AMSTI site math and science specialists as they implement the training they receive as a part of this program.

What is an AMSTI School?

An AMSTI school is a school that receives all of the benefits of the initiative including:

  • extensive professional development
  • equipment supplies, and materials (including refurbishment)
  • in-school support by math and science specialists at no cost to the school!

How does a school join AMSTI?

Schools are selected through a competitive application process.  Math and science teachers and administrators in AMSTI schools agree to attend ten days of summer institute for two consecutive summers and to participate in additional professional development during the school year.

What are the benefits of AMSTI?

  • Increases teacher content knowledge
  • Increases student interest and participation in math and science
  • Improves student understanding of abstract concepts
  • Improves student behavior
  • Encourages students to remain on-task
  • Provides a method students prefer over traditional teaching methods 

How does AMSTI affect test scores?

In every case, on every standardized text given by the Alabama Department of Education, AMSTI schools outperformed matched non-AMSTI schools - often dramatically as confirmed by three consecutive years of external evaluations.

Last updated: 05/27/2010