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Researchers from the College of Sciences and Mathematics, the College of Education, the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, and Alabama Math, Science and Technology Initiative (AMSTI) have received a $230,500 grant from the Alabama State Department of Education to provide professional development for teachers and engage students in project-based science, technology, engineering and mathematics education. The grant will support the RE2-FoCUS Initiative (Robotics and Engineering Education Fostering the Conceptual Understanding of Science) to offer professional development for 176 Alabama middle school science and math teachers.

The principal investigators for the project are Allen Landers, associate professor and Howard Carr Professor of Outreach and Experimental Atomic and Molecular Physics in the College of Sciences and Mathematics; Mary Lou Ewald, Director of Outreach for the College of Sciences and Mathematics; and Christine Schnittka, assistant professor of science and engineering education with a joint appointment in the Colleges of Education and Engineering. George Blanks, Director of K-12 Outreach in the College of Engineering and Erin Percival, Assistant Director of Outreach for the College of Sciences and Mathematics will also collaborate on the three-year project.

If you are an AMSTI Specialist, more information can be found here. 

Last updated: 06/05/2013