Software Available by Electronic Delivery

Software which is currently available via electronic delivery is listed below. There is a default software bundle that everyone in the college can use because we either have a site license or the software is freeware. We also have discipline specific software which has a more restrictive licensing requirement and this software is only available to those who meet the software specific requirements.

Open Source Software


Acrobat Reader 9 (view, create, manipulate and manage PDFs)

Web Browsers

Google Chrome


Internet Explorer


Filezilla (open source FTP client used to transfer files between hosts over a connection such as the Internet)

Groupwise (e-mail, calendar, document management)

PuTTY (open source terminal emulator: SSH, Telnet, rlogin, raw TCP client)

SecureCRT 6.1 (SSH/Telnet client)

WinSCP (SFTP.FTP client - secure file transfer)


123 (desc)

jEdit (highly customizable text editor for programmers)

jGRASP (provides generation of software visualizations; source code editor)

Editors and Viewer

Vim and gVim related (text editor for programmers which uses a command-line interface)

Notepad++ (text editor/source code editor with tabbed editing)

File Utilities

WinMerge (for file comparison and merging text-like files)

TkDiff (offers a line-by-line comparison between two files)

7-Zip File Manager (for file comparison)


XnView (viewing, converting, organizing, and editing graphical/video files)

IrfanView (view, edit, convert image files; play video/audio formats)

GIMP 2 (image retouching and editing tool)

Licensed Software

Math Packages

Maple 13 and 14 (computer algebra system)

Mathematica (blank) (computational software program)

Matlab 2011a and 2011b (numerical computing environment; programming language)

Office 2010 Suite

Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Microsoft Clip Organizer

Microsoft Office Word 2010

Microsoft Office Publisher 2010

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010

Microsoft Office OneNote 2010

Microsoft Office InfoPath 2010

Microsoft Office Groove 2010

Microsoft Office Excel 2010

Microsoft Office Access 2010



Voyager 4.5 (astronomy celestial viewing software)

Stellarium (renders realistic sky in real-time)

Datastudio (Query analyzer)

PASPortal (professional accounting solutions)

Stat Packages

Minitab 15 (statistical analysis program)

R 2.10.1† (language and environment for statistical computing and graphics)

SAS 9.2 (Statistical Analysis System)

†Open Source Software

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Last updated: 07/27/2012