Diversity News

PASS Mentoring Program needs Mentors

We are currently soliciting applications from outstanding and caring upperclassmen to serve as peer mentors in the 2014-15 PASS Mentoring Program. Additionally, we are seeking applications from incoming Freshmen or Transfer students to serve as mentees in the program. Therefore, we invite you to complete the application for the 2014-2015 year and become a part of this program.

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COSAM Summer Bridge Program a Success

Twenty-eight participants were selected to attend the 2014 Summer Bridge program (June 1-26, 2014). Six males and 22 female students participated in and completed the program. Since female students are outnumbering the male students in higher education, the Summer Bridge program will continue to diligently recruit highly motivated, African-American males in an effort to curtail the rapidly declining college enrollment of this demographic group. Participants were from five states: Alabama (15), Florida (1), Georgia (10), Illinois (1), and Tennessee (1). Twenty six of the students plan to major in pre-professional programs or curricula in Mathematics and Sciences, and two plan to major in Engineering.

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Mentoring Matters

Members of the Promoting Academic Success for Students (PASS) Peer Mentoring Program participated in an event to bring together friends, fellowship, and service. The Promoting Academic Success for Students (PASS) Mentoring Program Reconnect Meeting was held on January 20, 2014. This meeting focused on “Mentoring Matters.”

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