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Dean College of Sciences and Mathematics

246 Sciences Center Classroom Building
Office - [334] 844-5737
Fax - [334] 844-5748
E-mail:  njg0003@auburn.edu

Welcome to COSAM, the College of Sciences and Mathematics. Our College is proud to contribute to the success of every student at Auburn University. We teach the core courses in science and mathematics taken by all students, providing then with a foundation to support success in their chosen major. To this end, we are a campus leader in incorporating the latest instructional technologies and methods. We are also proud of the many top research programs in all of our departments. We provide research opportunities for many undergraduate students, and prepare graduate students for advanced careers in all areas of science and mathematics. We are just as proud of our many outreach activities, which promote science and mathematics educational opportunities for the general public and for K-12 teachers throughout the state.

Through all of these efforts COSAM is proud to support the mission of Auburn University and bring benefits to all the citizens of Alabama.

Ray Henry Ray Henry
Associate Dean for Research

College of Sciences and Mathematics
Professor of Biological Sciences
248 Sciences Center Classroom Building
Office - [334] 844-9226
Fax - [334] 844-5255
E-mail:  henryrp@auburn.edu

Vince Cammarata Vince Cammarata
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

College of Sciences and Mathematics
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
249 Sciences Center Classroom Building
Office - [334] 844-4555
Fax - [334] 844-5748
E-mail:  cammavi@auburn.edu

Vince Cammarata, associate professor of chemistry, began his tenure as COSAM's associate dean for academic affairs in August 2012. Cammarata, who is an analytical chemist, received his bachelor of science from California Institute of Technology, his Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and conducted post-doctoral work at the University of Minnesota. He joined the Auburn faculty in 1991, and since that time has served the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, COSAM and the university as a whole in a number of capacities including: undergraduate advisor for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry; division chair of analytical chemistry; member of the 2010-2011 COSAM Curriculum Committee; participant on the Toomer's Corner Oaks Task Force; and faculty advisor to both the Auburn Rowing and Auburn Triathletes sports clubs.

"I've worked with some terrific Chemistry students in the last 20 years," Cammarata said. "As associate dean for academic affairs, I now get the privilege to interact and learn from all the outstanding students in COSAM and hopefully, help them achieve their goals. What could be more exciting than that?"
For more information on Cammarata, visit his webpage.

Last updated: 08/28/2014