Culture Bump App
For Global Classrooms

Did you know we all run into the same situations all over the world, no matter where we are? We all can:

  • Be late
  • Feel hungry in class
  • Be unprepared for a test
  • And more

See how people in other countries handle the same situations we faced when we were in school! Use the Culture Bump App to learn how to adjust to these difference quickly and easily.

Screenshot of the Culture bump app     Screenshot of the Culture bump app    Screenshot of the Culture bump app

The Culture Bump App is based on the Culture Bump Approach which has taught thousands of students, business people, groups and more to use differences to connect to the people around them.

Learn about these situations in over 25 different countries including: Brazil, China, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, Venezuela and more.

With the Culture Bump App you can:

  • Compare your home country with other countries in the world or compare multiple countries at the same time
  • Turn a regular conversation into a “conversation for connection”

Download the Culture Bump App for Android

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Last Updated: March 11, 2022