AU Collaborative Approaches among Scientists and Engineers (CASE) REU

Funded by the National Science Foundation



The National Science Foundation (NSF) and Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) funded Collaborative Approaches among Scientist and Engineers (CASE) Research Experience is a 10-week research program for undergraduates located at Auburn University. Field and laboratory research projects are available for students majoring in STEM disciplines including chemistry, biology, physics, and all branches of engineering.


The interdisciplinary nature of STEM disciplines allows for innovative collaborations and as students, encourages deeper critical thinking skills. The CASE REU offers a unique opportunity for undergraduate students majoring in STEM disciplines to work on a cross-disciplinary project led by teams of 2 faculty mentors from 2 distinct disciplines. Additionally, students will participate in professional development and social activities. Students will have the opportunity to present their research at the closing symposium.

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You can apply to this program online. The application deadline is February 18, 2022. Learn more about the application.