COSAM News Articles 2022 March 'Lunch N Learn' event showcases support AMSTI offers to schools and educators

'Lunch N Learn' event showcases support AMSTI offers to schools and educators

Published: 03/01/2022

By: Maria Gebhardt

AMSTI or the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative held a ‘Lunch N Learn’ event to share their services for schools in their region.

“Our ’Lunch N Learn’ event welcomed 27 administrators including instructional coaches, school coaches and central office professionals,” said Pamela Norris, director of AMSTI.

AMSTI is part of the Office of Outreach in the College of Sciences and Mathematics at Auburn University.

“Most people know that AMSTI offers professional development, materials, resources and on-site support for K-12 teachers,” Norris said. “However, AMSTI also provides an array of additional services such as guidance with proficiency scales, coaching cycles and even personal meetings to discuss school data as well as an entire professional learning menu of services to help local teachers.”

Math coaches help schools improve math scores with support from math specialists at AMSTI. The math specialists provide support to math coaches who directly help students with critical math skills and development.

“The proficiency scales range from one being basic knowledge to four where the student demonstrates deeper knowledge and increased learning,” Norris explained. “Through using these scales, students are able to take more ownership of their learning and teachers can guide students to get to the most proficient level.”

Teachers gain valuable help from the AMSTI specialists.

“AMSTI-Auburn site has 21 coaches for region nine who work to make a difference in math and science for our community,” Norris added.  

During the event, educators had an opportunity to share their experiences and watch a video of a coach from a school system who shared how she has been supported by her math mentoring specialist.

“We were all moved when one educator shared her sincere appreciation for math mentoring specialists,” Norris said. “She was able to support her students because she got the support she needed. That is what we are all about.”

AMSTI offers valuable training opportunities for teachers throughout the year. A list of opportunities can be found below:

Mathematics K - 5 Training Opportunities:
Mathematics 6 - 12 Training Opportunities:

Science K - 12 Training Opportunities:
Science K - 2 Training Opportunities: 
Science 3 - 5 Training Opportunities: 
Science 6 - 8 Training Opportunities: 

AMSTI is located at 1900 Cunningham Drive in Opelika.




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