COSAM News Articles 2020 May Message from Dean Giordano - May 12, 2020

Message from Dean Giordano - May 12, 2020

Published: 05/12/2020

By: Dean Giordano

To all faculty, staff and students in COSAM,

The past two months have been a challenging and stressful time for all of us in COSAM and I sincerely appreciate everyone's hard work in helping bring the spring semester to a successful conclusion.  During this time I have done my best to keep everyone informed with the latest campus news, especially regarding how the pandemic has altered all of our jobs.

As university operations are beginning to stabilize as we start to return to more normal operations, I plan to cut back on the frequency of my messages to the college. I want to be respectful of your inbox and not create unnecessary information overload.

The goal of my messages has been to help share information, so you can hear the latest news and the specifics of how it will affect you. This will continue to be my goal, and I will continue to send out email messages as important new information is available.

Meanwhile, I encourage you to reach out to your supervisor, our HR team, or me if you have a concern that needs to be addressed.

Please continue to share your ‘At Home Moments’ with me. And, if you are sewing masks, volunteering to help your local hospital, or giving back to our community, please feel free to tell me about what you are doing through

Thank you for being part of COSAM and thank you for all you do.




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