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COSAM Junior Strives for Career as Surgeon

Published: 05/26/2020

By: Carla Nelson

Throughout high school, Auburn University junior Avery Silar struggled with math and science. It wasn’t until a high school biology teacher showed her how much fun learning about science could be that she started to consider careers in the STEM field.

Originally from Lafayette, La., and later Northport, Ala., Avery is studying biomedical sciences through the College of Sciences and Mathematics (COSAM) and plans to attend medical school after graduating next year to pursue a career in general surgery.

“I started looking into careers in the STEM field and realized that being a doctor would allow me to continue learning throughout my lifetime while also serving my community,” Avery said.

Avery was awarded the Spirit of Auburn Founders Scholarship when she decided to attend Auburn. She said she fell in love with Auburn’s campus when she visited for the first time.

“Everyone I met was so nice and welcoming, and I just felt very at home,” she shared. “It really lived up to every expectation I had of a college campus while growing up.”   

During her time at Auburn, Avery has been a learning assistant for chemistry and physics and regularly volunteers with IMPACT and the annual student-led service project The BIG Event, by performing basic community service tasks for households, businesses, churches and organizations.

“The Auburn community has been so welcoming to me as a student, so I really enjoy getting to give back to them,” Avery said. “My favorite part of The BIG Event is seeing how happy the homeowners with the work we’ve done on their homes.”

In her free time, Avery enjoys reading and hiking with friends.

Avery said her time in COSAM has allowed her to connect with people who have made her Auburn experience fulfilling.

“I’ve met some of my closest friends through COSAM, but I’ve also met a lot of great professors who have really encouraged my learning while also challenging me to become a better student,” she said. “My time in COSAM has also encouraged me to take my education into my own hands, and hold myself accountable for my own future. COSAM has given me opportunities to develop more confidence and grow as a leader.”

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