COSAM News Articles 2018 November Steven Mansoorabadi, Rising Star Researching Methane Conversion

Steven Mansoorabadi, Rising Star Researching Methane Conversion

Published: 11/05/2018

By: Maria Gebhardt

Dr. Steven Mansoorabadi, an associate professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, has been recognized as a rising star by the editors of ACS Biochemistry that is supported by the Office of Basic Energy Sciences within the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Science.

“I am incredibly proud of Steven for being recognized as a rising star for his research, which has been published in ‘Science’,” explains Dr. Curtis Shannon, Chair of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. “His work at Auburn University has the potential to reduce negative effects from methane with global impacts.”

Dr. Mansoorabadi received a DOE Early Career Research Program award in August 2017 for his research: “Mechanistic Studies of a Primitive Homolog of Nitrogenase Involved in Coenzyme F430 Biosynthesis.” Focusing on the F430 coenzyme, his research shares insight about how this small molecule is made and could provide new strategies for methane formation and conversion.

Read the entire article from the Office of Science and find out more about this rising star.

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