COSAM News Articles 2023 April Auburn University’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry celebrates faculty, staff and students at annual awards banquet

Auburn University’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry celebrates faculty, staff and students at annual awards banquet

Published: 04/25/2023

By: Maria Gebhardt

On Wednesday, April 12, the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry hosted its annual awards celebration at the Red Barn.

“We have a lot to celebrate and be grateful for tonight,” said Doug Goodwin, chair of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. “Our department had a record year with grant funding including the tripling of our National Institutes of Health grant dollars. We are also on the cusp of welcoming our 70th class of doctoral students in August 2023.”

The event recognized award winners, scholarship recipients, and many more accolades in the department.

“Our department makes a huge impact on the Auburn University campus, and this awards celebration helps us showcase the people that make all of this possible.”


2023 Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Awards Banquet


Awards and Recipients

COSAM Young Faculty Award: Chris Goldsmith
COSAM Outstanding Faculty Undergraduate Mentor: Evert Duin
Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure: Ming Chen
Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure: Rashad Karimov
Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure: Jordan Harshman
Promotion to Senior Lecturer: David Crisostomo
Promotion to Senior Lecturer: Rachel Prado
New Assistant Professor: Rahul Banerjee
New Assistant Professor: Paul Ohno
New Lecturer: Dianna Forbes

Graduate Awards
Dow Fellowship: Ernest Opoku and Segun Obisean
Department of Energy – Office of Science Graduate Student Research Award: Benjamin Jackson
Peter Livant Graduate Fellowship: Zheye Zhang
Dean’s Research Award (Ph.D): Ernest Opoku
COSAM Graduate Teaching Award: Tingting Qu
ACS CAS Future Leader: Kasey Ortiz

Undergraduate Awards
COSAM Learning Assistant Award: Kallan Blakemore
Dr. Charles B. Colburn Endowed Scholarship: Benjamin Basta and Maggie Beard
Rita W. Patton Endowed Scholarship: Liliana Chambless**
F. Ivy Carroll Endowed Scholarship: Nina Orihuela and Toby Sizemore**
Howard and Elizabeth Kirksey Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Elaina Howard and Victoria Cover
Joseph B. Sarver, Jr. Endowed Scholarship: Kaleigh Rice** and Caroline Hawkins
Cletus E. & Nancy Mitchell Morris Endowed Scholarship: Dakota Grimes, Abigail Moseley and Mia Stamey
J. C. & Sally K. Hawthorne Endowed Scholarship: Olivia Grigsby
David B. Haggard Endowed Scholarship: Aishah Lee
Dr. Edward L. & Diane E. Wampold Endowed Scholarship: Olivia Grigsby
Dan L. & Rossanne M.Philen Endowed Chemistry Scholarship: Maynard Marlow, Abigail Weir and Ryan Mumford**
Roy Family Trust Endowed Scholarship: Sara Truong
Marks Family Endowed Scholarship: Ryan Mumford**
Stewart W. & Aina N. Schneller Endowed Scholarship: Nathan Kruse
Dr. James Robert “Bob” Piper Scholarship: Tiffany Ramsey*, Ashley Clowers* and Kirin Tisdale
Dr. Claranne M. Bush Endowed Scholarship: Nathan Kruse, Drake Spruill and Sara Truong
Hansford Family Endowed Scholarship: Olivia Bauch and Tiffany Ramsey*
Kat Milly West Endowed Scholarship: Ashley Clowers* and Sydney Burnett*
COSAM STEM Scholarship: Kiana Sargent,  Kamden Coleman, Brandon Dye**, Lauren McQueen, Ankit Kumar, Angel Woody, Aja Ransaw and Cara Shade*
Michael D. & Ruth C. Bentley Endowed Scholarship: Caroline Hawkins
Eugenia Rutland Moore Endowed Scholarship: Kirin Tisdale
Health Professions Development Endowed Scholarship: Nina Orihuela
William R. & Fay Ireland Endowed Scholarship: Kathleen Spoor, Ashley Clowers*, Olivia Grigsby and Tiffany Ramsey*
Dr. H. William Allsup Endowed Scholarship: Charles Howard
Samuel H. Nichols, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Benjamin Basta, Andrew Manush**, Silas Burch,  Emma Drake**, McKenzie Milstead,  Toby Sizemore**, Kathleen Spoor, Abigail Moseley, Sean O’Hare and Abigail Weir
Dr. John C. Dykes Endowed Scholarship (Pre-Health): Brandon Dye**
Drs. Michael B. & Patricia W. Williams Endowed Scholarship: Maynard Marlow
Janet Blake Pepinsky Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Maggie Beard
Dr. Katina Kododek Gothard ‘97 Annual Scholarship: Kiana Sargent
Dr. Roger W. & Mrs. Margaret Church Allen Endowed Scholarship: Silas Burch, Emma Drake, Andrew Manush**, Nina Orihuela and Sean O’Hare
Edwin Oliver Price Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Caroline Hawkins
Hamilton M. Robertson Endowed Scholarship: Maggie Beard
Wampold Endowed Scholarship: Allison Tuggle*
Howard and Elizabeth Kirksey Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Elaina Howard and Victoria Cover
Outstanding Clinical Laboratory Science Student: Ashley Clowers*
Outstanding Junior in Chemistry and Biochemistry: Emma Drake**
Dean’s Medalist in Chemistry and Biochemistry: Ryan Mumford**
Comer Medal for Excellence in Physical Sciences: Ryan Mumford**


* = Lambda Tau Clinical Laboratory Science Honor Society

** = Phi Lambda Upsilon Chemistry/Biochemistry Honor Society


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