Georg Hetzer
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Professor Emeritus



Ph.D., RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Professional Employment
Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Auburn University
1987 - present
Apl. Professor, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
1984 - 1991
Lecturer, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
1978 - 1984
Assistant Lecturer, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
1973 - 1978

Research and Teaching Interests

Differential Equations, Nonlinear Functional Analysis, Diagnostic Climate Models, Population Dynamics

Selected Publications

  1. (G. Hetzer, The shift-semiflow of a multivalued evolution equation from climate modeling, Nonlinear Analysis, 47 (2001), 2905--2916.
  2. G. Hetzer and W. Shen, Two Species Competition with an Inhibitor Involved, Discrete Continuous Dynamical Systems, 12 (2005), 39--57.
  3. J.I. Diaz, G. Hetzer, and L. Tello, An Energy Balance Climate Model with Hysteresis, Nonlinear Analysis, 64 (2006), 2053--2074.
  4. G. Hetzer, Tung Nguyen, and Wenxian Shen, A-Stability of Global Attractors of Competition Diffusion Systems, J. Dyn. Diff. Equat. 22 (2010), 533--561.
  5. G. Hetzer, Anotida Madzvamuse and Wenxian Shen, Characterization of Turing Diffusion-Driven Instability on Evolving Domains, Discrete Continuous Dynamical Systems 32 (2012), 3975--400

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