Paul Ohno
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Assistant Professor

Research Areas: Analytical , Physical

Office: 264 Chemistry Building

Address: 179 Chemistry Building
Auburn, AL 36849

Phone: (334) 844-5529



Northwestern University, Ph.D. Chemistry
2014 - 2019
Princeton University, B.A. Chemistry
2010 - 2014

Professional Employment
Assistant Professor, Auburn University
2022 - present
Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University
2019 - 2022

Honors and Awards
ACS Nobel Laureate Signature Award for Graduate Education
Schmidt Science Fellow, Schmidt Futures and The Rhodes Trust
Environmental Fellow, Harvard University Center for the Environment

Research and Teaching Interests

Research in the Ohno lab seeks to develop and apply tools to elucidate the molecular details of the structure, composition, and reactivity of interfacial chemical systems. We are particularly interested in the surfaces/interfaces of aerosol particles as well as bulk liquid (or liquid:liquid) interfaces. This work lies at the metaphorical interface between a range of fields, including physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, and aerosol science.

As an experimental physical chemistry lab, we use a variety of different analytical techniques and instrumentation, including sum-frequency generation/second harmonic generation, fluorescence probe spectroscopy, aerosol mass spectrometry, and scanning mobility particle sizing.

Selected Publications

Prior to Auburn University:

Ohno, P.E., Y. Qin, J. Ye, J. Wang, A.K. Bertram, S.T. Martin. Fluorescence Aerosol Flow Tube Spectroscopy to Detect Liquid–Liquid Phase Separation. ACS Earth Space Chemistry. 5, 1223–1232. 2021.

Ohno, P.E., H. Chang, A.P. Spencer, Y. Liu, M.D. Boamah, H.-f. Wang, F.M. Geiger. Beyond the Gouy-Chapman Model with Heterodyne-Detected Second Harmonic Generation. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 10, 2328-2334, 2019.

Ohno, P.E., H.-f. Wang, F. Paesani, J.L. Skinner, F.M. Geiger. Second-order vibrational lineshapes of the air/water interface. Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 122, 4457-4464. 2018.

Ohno, P.E., H.-f. Wang, F.M. Geiger. Second-order spectral lineshapes from charged interfaces. Nature Communications. 8, 1032. 2017.

Ohno, P.E., S.A. Saslow, H.-f. Wang, F.M. Geiger, K.B. Eisenthal. Phase-referenced nonlinear spectroscopy of the α-quartz/water interface. Nature Communications. 7, 13587. 2016.

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