DMS Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar

Time: Feb 09, 2024 (02:00 PM)
Location: 328 Parker Hall


Speaker: Rachidi Salako (UNLV)

Title: Movement versus no movement: When is it good to move?


Abstract: In a famous paper published in 1998  on the evolution of slow dispersal, Dockery and his collaborators showed that,  when two identical diffusive competing species live together in the same ecological environment and are different in their dispersal rates,  the slower moving species will eventually drive the faster species to extinction.  In a subsequent work in 2008, Cantrell and his collaborators then asked: would this competitive advantage still be preserved if one of these two species doesn't move?  This talk will focus on providing some satisfactory answers to this question.  In fact, our results go beyond the simple setting of identical species. Furthermore, we will also examine the dynamics of the classical solutions of a  consumer-resource system comprising a  non-dispersing single resource species whose density function evolves and is consumed by three competitors adopting three different dispersal mechanisms.   Our results reveal that the existence of a non-sink area is beneficial to the non-dispersing species.