DMS Colloquium: Gregory G. Smith

Time: Nov 10, 2023 (04:00 PM)
Location: 010 ACLC


Refreshments 3:30 p.m., Parker 244



Speaker: Greg Smith (Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, CA)

Title: Sums of Squares and Projective Geometry
Abstract: A multivariate real polynomial is nonnegative if its value at any real point is greater than or equal to zero.  These special polynomials play a central role in many branches of mathematics including algebraic geometry, optimization theory, and dynamical systems.  However, it is very difficult, in general, to decide whether a given polynomial is nonnegative.  In this talk, we will review some classical methods for certifying that a polynomial is nonnegative.  We will then present novel certificates in some important cases.
This talk is based on joint work with Grigoriy Blekherman, Rainer Sinn, and Mauricio Velasco.