DMS Stochastic Analysis Seminar

Time: Mar 15, 2023 (01:10 PM)
Location: 352 Parker Hall

Speaker: Dr. Michael Salins, Boston University
Title: The stochastic heat equation with superlinear forcing
Abstract: I outline some recent results about the stochastic heat equation defined on an unbounded spatial domain. In general, the solutions to these equations are unbounded in space, which can make the analysis of their behaviors difficult. I present global existence and uniqueness results when the equation is exposed to superlinear forcing terms in the cases when the forcing term is dissipative (pushing away from infinity) and when the superlinear forcing term is accretive (pushing toward infinity). I also present a result that proves that the laws of the solution have a density in the superlinear dissipative case. 
Joint work with Samy Tindel.