DMS Colloquium: Dr. T. T. Phuong Hoang

Time: Sep 02, 2022 (04:00 PM)
Location: 010 ACLC


Speaker: Dr. T. T. Phuong Hoang (Auburn)

Title: Global-in-time domain decomposition methods for coupled problems in heterogeneous porous media

Abstract:  Global-in-time domain decomposition (DD) methods are iterative algorithms that solve time-dependent problems in the subdomains over the whole time interval and exchange data on the space-time interfaces between the subdomains. These methods can be seen as a combination of the classical waveform relaxation method (for a large system of ODEs) and standard DD algorithms for steady-state problems. The global-in-time DD approach is very well suited to multiscale multiphysics problems as it allows the use of local discretizations in both space and time in different regions of the computational domain.

In this talk, we introduce the mathematical concepts of DD methods for evolution equations and present our work on global-in-time DD for the coupling of surface and subsurface flows as well as flow in fractured porous media. Both mathematical analysis and numerical performance of the proposed methods with nonconforming time grids will be investigated.