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DMS Stochastics Seminar
Time: Oct 09, 2018 (02:00 PM)
Location: Parker Hall 358



Speaker: Erkan Nane

Title:  Blow-up  results for space-time fractional dynamics

Abstract: In this talk I will consider non-linear time-fractional (stochastic) reaction-diffusion  equations.

These equations might be used as models for materials with random thermal memory. We derive  non-existence (blow-up) of global random field solutions under some additional conditions, most notably on the noise (force) terms and the initial condition. Our results complement those of Fujita (1966), P. Chow (2009; 2011), and Foondun and Parshad (2015),  among others.

I will start by giving a brief survey of the space-time fractional dynamics via continuous time random walks. The results presented are from recent joint work with Sunday Asogwa, Mohammud Foondun, Wei Liu, and Jebessa Mijena.

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