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Colloquium: Sibylle Schroll
Time: Nov 11, 2016 (04:00 PM)
Location: Parker Hall 250



Speaker: Professor Sibylle Schroll, University of Leicester, UK

Title: Taming the wild: From tame to wild representation theory

Abstract: After an introduction to the representation theory of finite dimensional algebras based on finite directed graphs, I will introduce the notions of tame and wild algebras and explain the tame/wild dichotomy: Every finite dimensional algebra is either of tame or wild representation type. I will explain why wild algebras are very wild but at the same time I will show how some recent surprising results based on finite graphs and their generalisations shed light on the largely unexplored representation theory of wild algebras. 

Throughout the talk I will give many examples, focusing in particular on special biserial and special multiserial algebras. These are classes of well-studied algebras comprising many well-known finite dimensional algebras such as Jacobian algebras of unpunctured surfaces arising in cluster theory, gentle algebras associated with dimer models in the context of homological mirror symmetry and Brauer graph algebras arising from the modular representation theory of finite groups.

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