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Graduation Procedures

Within three terms of your expected graduation term, make an appointment with your Academic Advisor for a Preliminary Credit Check to make sure you can graduate on time.

  • Check to make sure you will have a “C” for your cumulative GPA.
  • Check to make sure you will a “C” for your major GPA (for courses in bold on your curriculum model).  
  • Discover possibility of earning an honors designation for graduation


During registration for the term you will graduate, sign up for UNIV 4@@0 section SM1.  If you do not register for this class, NOTHING else will happen towards graduation and you will NOT be on the graduation list.

  • Section SM1 is for COSAM students.  You will not be allowed to register for any other section.
  • This is just a designation “class” with no actual course work.
  • This will put you on the official COSAM graduation list.
  • You will receive e-mails about graduation only if you signed up.
  • You will receive the link to the COSAM Graduation Survey. 


During the first or second week of the graduation term, you must:

  • Have all grades posted from previous terms.
  • Have all remaining courses for graduation on your schedule.
  • Take care of all incompletes (IN) on your transcript
  • Make sure all transcripts from other schools are posted on your Auburn transcript.
  • You may GAP grades (have grades forgiven) up until the day before graduation. 
  • To get information about Cap and Gown and Invitation orders, check on-line for the AU Graduation web page

Last Updated: 06/22/2016