Student Testimonials

Madison Wright

Madison Wright-Pre-Pharmacy '23

My favorite part of COSAM is how the faculty and staff always make me feel welcome. They always make sure that I have the resources I need to do well in my classes and that I’m prepared for my future. In particular, the staff in the Office of Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity have always shown how much they care about my academic success and well-being, especially my mental and emotional health. My academic advisor, Mrs. Burchett, is wonderful. I am always able to talk to her about my coursework and major when I need to, and she has always given me great advice when I’m planning my schedule each semester. COSAM’s faculty and staff truly want to help you in any way that they can, and their biggest priority is to help you succeed.

Garrett Howell

Garrett Howell-Pre-PT. '23

Biomedical sciences offers challenging courses that I believe will provide the best foundation for my continued education and future career. This major allows me to choose from a diverse selection of courses that most align with my interests and goals. These classes can be demanding, so I believe it is important for everyone going into this major to develop good time-management skills. My advisors have all been super helpful and responsive and genuinely want to help their students succeed. I am looking forward to attending physical therapy school after graduation.

Kelli Rowe

Kelli Rowe-Pre-Med '22

I’m pursuing a dual degree in biomedical sciences and microbiology to better prepare myself for the rigors of medical school. I am confident I can handle any obstacles I might face in pursuit of my goals because I’ve been consistently challenged in my coursework. This program has helped me become a more resilient person. While my program has been tough, everyone in COSAM has always been very welcoming to me. As a first-generation college student, I want to become a physician so that I can give back to those that have helped me achieve so much.

Jarious Avery

Jarious Avery-Genetics '23

What I love most about COSAM is the resources that it offers to its students. I’ve found academic help and opportunities outside of that classroom via COSAM’s drop-in tutoring center, the student services office, and undergraduate research ambassadors. COSAM’s faculty and staff have encouraged and helped me grow my leadership skills and develop professionally. I chose to major in genetics because it is a broad field and incorporates many different areas of science, such as chemistry, ecology, and microbiology into the coursework. I plan to work as a genetic counselor after graduation and I’m confident that COSAM has helped me learn the concepts and develop the skills I’ll need to be successful in that field.

Madeleine Forbes

Madeleine Forbes-Chemistry '22

I’ve always been interested in chemistry, but what drew me to Auburn was it’s focus on research. As an R1 school, Auburn’s resources and staff are unmatched. As a freshman, I had the opportunity to explore research in synthetic inorganic chemistry, and because of this experience, I have a better understanding of where I want to focus in my career. My current project focuses on demands for nuclear waste remediation. In the lab, our group designs and synthesizes selective molecules that act as colorimetric ‘sensors’ for the detection of uranyl (UO22+) in aqueous environments.

Nathan Tercero

Nathan Tercero-Physics '24

My dream job is to work at NASA as an astrophysicist, so majoring in Physics at Auburn was an easy choice. I love the people within COSAM and the physics department, and my classmates in particular have really kept me grounded and not too stressed over classes and grades. Through my undergraduate research project in Spring 2022, I’ve learned to use an interdisciplinary approach by using concepts from other fields to solve problems in the lab. I’m confident that I’ll have the tools and knowledge I need to be successful in the workforce after I graduate with a Physics degree.

Trong Truong

Trong Truong-Actuarial Science '23

I like the actuarial science major because of its real-life applications. I’ve always been passionate about mathematics and business, and actuarial science allows me to combine those two interests seamlessly. COSAM’s faculty and staff have supported me through my four years on campus and I feel prepared with the knowledge I’ll need for my future career. COSAM appreciates cultural and individual diversity, and I’ve always felt welcome and appreciated both in and out of the classroom. I plan to eventually become a fully licensed actuary after graduation, and I appreciate all the help COSAM has given me towards achieving that goal.

Caroline Locker

Caroline Locker-Geology '24

I transferred into Geology from electrical engineering my sophomore year at Auburn because I wanted a career path that fit my passions and interests, rather than job stability alone. The faculty in Geosciences make a point to personally connect with students, which has encouraged me to explore several different focus areas with professors. The department is a small and yet tight-knit group of individuals, which has allowed me to form personal connections with my peers and better collaborate inside and outside the classroom. My favorite class thus far has been Introduction to Paleobiology. I loved getting hands-on experience with fossils of all types and origins. Being able to hold millions of years of history in the palm of my hands is something that will always be exciting for me. My ultimate goal is a museum career focusing on paleontology, which would combine my love for fossils and education. The Geology degree allows me to create my own specific path through a combination of geology electives and directed studies so that I am most prepared for the path I take after graduation.