Greg Hartwell
Department of Physics
Associate Research Professor

Research Areas: Experimental Plasma Physics

Office: Leach Science Center #304

Address: Leach Science Center #116
Auburn, AL 36849-5319

Phone: (334) 844-2358


Ph.D., Auburn University
B.S., Mississippi State University

Professional Employment
Associate Research Professor, Auburn University
2008 - present
Assistant Research Professor, Auburn University
1998 - 2008
Post-doctoral Fellow, Auburn University
1997 - 1999
Assistant Professor, Auburn University
1995 - 1997
Instructor, Auburn University
1994 - 1995

Selected Publications

  1. J.D. Hanson, D.T. Anderson, M.Cianciosa, P.Franz, J.H.Harris, G.J.Hartwell, S.P. Hirshman, S.F. Knowlton, L.L. Lao, E.A. Lazarus, L. Marrelli, D.A. Maurer, J.C. Schmitt, A.C. Sontag, B.A. Stevenson and D.Terranova, “Non-axisymmetric equilibrium reconstruction for stellarators, reversed field pinches and tokamaks”, Nucl. Fusion 53 (2013) 083016
  2. M.C. Miller, J.D. Hanson, G.J. Hartwell, S.F. Knowlton, D.A. Maurer, and B.A. Stevenson, "Design and implementation of a multichannel millimeter wave interferometer for the Compact Toroidal Hybrid experiment", Rev. Sci. Instrum., 83, 10E332 (2012)
  3. A. Zolfaghari, A. Brooks, A. Michaels, J. Hanson, G. Hartwell, “Calculation of Eddy Currents in the CTH Vacuum Vessel and Coil Frame for Use in MHD Equilibrium Reconstruction of the Plasma Discharge”, Fusion Sci. and Technol. 64(3),p. 498, (2012)
  4. J.D. Hanson, S. F. Knowlton, B.A. Stevenson, and G. J. Hartwell, “Equilibrium and Stability of Current-Carrying Plasmas in the Non-axisymmetric CTH Experiment”, Contributions to Plasma Physics, 50, No 6-8, 1-7 (2010)
  5. J. Peterson, J. Hanson, G. Hartwell, S. Knowlton, “Vacuum Magnetic Field Experiments for Validated Determination of the Helical Field Location in Stellarators”, Physics of Plasmas, 17, 032505-1 (2010)

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