James D. Hanson
Department of Physics
Professor Emeritus

Research Areas:

Office: Leach Science Center 3126

Address: 380 Duncan Drive
Auburn, AL 36849

Email: hansojd@auburn.edu

Ph.D., University of Maryland
M.S., Cornell University
B.A., Kalamazoo College

Professional Employment
Department Chair, Department of Physics, Auburn University
2012 - 2020
Professor, Department of Physics, Auburn University
2001 - Present
Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Auburn University
1989 - 2001
Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Auburn University
1984 - 1989
Appointed to Graduate Faculty, December 1, 1987
1984 - 1989
Research Associate, Institute for Fusion Studies, University of Texas
1982 - 1984
Computer Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
1975 - 1977

Honors and Awards
Presidential Young Investigator Award
National Science Foundation Fellow
1977 - 1981
Phi Beta Kappa
James and Lucinda Hinsdale Scholarship
1971 - 1975

Professional Activities
Member, American Physical Society
Consultant, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Referee: Contributions to Plasma Physics, Physical Review Letters, Physics of Fluids, Physics Letters A, Physica D, Reviews of Modern Physics, Nuclear Fusion
Proposal Referee: United States Department of Energy, United States National Science Foundation

Research and Teaching Interests

Theoretical Plasma Physics

Selected Publications

  1. D. Terranova, L. Marrelli, J.D. Hanson, S.P Hirshman, M. Cianciosa, and P. Franz, “Helical equilibrium reconstruction with V3FIT in the RFX-mod Reversed Field Pinch”, Nucl. Fusion 53 113014 (2013).
  2. J.D. Hanson, D.T. Anderson, M. Cianciosa, P. Franz, J.H. Harris, G.J. Hartwell,  S.P. Hirshman, S.F. Knowlton, L.L. Lao, E.A. Lazarus, L. Marrelli, D.A. Maurer, J.C. Schmitt, A.C. Sontag, B.A. Stevenson, and D. Terranova, “Non-axisymmetric equilibrium reconstruction for stellarators, reversed field pinches and tokamaks”, Nucl. Fusion 53 083016 (2013).
  3. M.C. Miller, J.D. Hanson, G.J. Hartwell, S. F. Knowlton, D. A. Maurer and B. A. Stevenson, “Design and implementation of a multichannel millimeter wave interferometer for the Compact Toroidal Hybrid experiment”, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 83 10E332 (2012).
  4. James D. Hanson, Stephen F. Knowlton, B. Adam Stevenson, and Gregory J. Hartwell, “Equilibrium and stability of current-carrying discharges in the non-axisymmetric CTH experiment”, Contributions to Plasma Physics, v50 724-730 (2010).
  5. J. Peterson, J. Hanson, G. Hartwell, and S. Knowlton, “Vacuum magnetic field mapping experiments for validated determination of the helical field coil location in stellarators”, Physics of Plasmas, 17 03205 (2010).

Last updated: 09/15/2022