Saikat Chakraborty Thakur
Department of Physics
Assistant Research Professor

Research Areas: Experimental Plasma Physics

Office: Leach Science Center

Address: 380 Duncan Drive
Auburn, AL 36849

Phone: 334-844-4274



Ph.D. West Virginia University, Plasma Physics
M.Sc. Indian Institute of Technology, Physics
B.Sc. Calcutta University, Physics

Professional Employment
Assistant Research Professor, Auburn University
Associate Project Scientist, University of California at San Diego
Assistant Project Scientist, University of California at San Diego
Postdoctoral Research Employee, University of California at San Diego

Honors and Awards
2018 Inclusive Excellence Award, UCSD
Diversity Award, UCSD
ICOPS Graduate Student Travel Award
Carl Rotter Award for best graduate teaching assistant, WVU Physics
2005-06, 2008-09

Professional Activities
Member of American Physical Society, IEEE, American Association of Physics Teachers
Review panelist for US National Science Foundation and Department of Energy
Referee for Journal of Plasma Physics, Frontiers of Plasma Physics (editorial board), Journal of Fusion Energy, IEEE Transactions of Plasma Science, Physics of Plasmas, Reviews of Scientific Instruments
Chair of Diversity and Outreach Councils of the Center for Energy Research, UCSD

Research and Teaching Interests

• RF plasmas (helicon wave mode, inductively and/or capacitively coupled)
• Plasma diagnostics (probe based; laser aided; imaging techniques)
• Plasma spectroscopy (passive; laser induced fluorescence; cavity enhanced, IR)
• Waves and instabilities; plasma turbulence and transport in magnetized plasmas
• Scrape-off-layer, edge and divertor physics of magnetically confined plasmas
• Impurity transport and entrainment in background plasma flows
• Plasma Material Interaction (PMI) studies; thermal effects on PFCs
• Plasma self-organization; zonal flow formation; vortex – shear flow interactions
• Plasma propulsion, space applications (thrusters; double layers; ion acceleration)
• Nonlinear dynamics and chaos (in plasmas; ecological/epidemic models etc.)

Selected Publications

Google Scholar Profile

Selected articles (>45 total)

  • S. C. Thakur, R. Hong and G. R. Tynan, “Simultaneous measurements of turbulent
    Reynolds stresses and particle flux in both parallel and perpendicular directions in a linear
    magnetized plasma device”, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 89, 10J117 (2018)
  • S. C. Thakur, C. Brandt, L. Cui, J. J. Gosselin, and G. R. Tynan, “Global Transition from
    Drift Wave Dominated Regimes to Multi-Instability Plasma Dynamics and Simultaneous
    Formation of a Radial Transport Barrier”, Plasma and Fusion Science: From
    Fundamental Research to Technological Applications, Apple University Press, Part I,
    Chapter 5 (2016)
  • S. C. Thakur, J. J. Gosselin, J. McKee, E. E. Scime, S. H. Sears, and G. R. Tynan,
    “Development of core ion temperature gradients and edge sheared flows in a helicon
    plasma device investigated by laser induced fluorescence measurements,” Phys. Plasmas
    23, 082112 (2016)
  • S. C. Thakur, K. Adriany, J. J. Gosselin, J. McKee, E. E. Scime, S. H. Sears, and G. R.
    Tynan, “Laser induced fluorescence measurements of axial velocity, velocity shear and
    parallel ion temperature profiles during the route to plasma turbulence in a linear
    magnetized plasma device,” Rev. Sci. Instrum. 87, 11E513 (2016)
  • S. C. Thakur, C. Brandt, A. Light, L. Cui, J. Gosselin and G. R. Tynan, “Role
    of electrostatic instabilities behind the formation of the blue core in argon helicon plasma”
    IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 43, 2574 (2015)
  • S. C. Thakur, M. Xu, P. Manz, N. Fedorczak, C. Holland, and G. R. Tynan, “Suppression
    of drift wave turbulence and zonal flow formation by changing axial boundary conditions
    in a cylindrical magnetized plasma device,” Phys. Plasmas 20, 012304 (2013)
  • S. C. Thakur, Z. Harvey, I. A. Biloiu, A. Hansen, R. A. Hardin, W. S. Przybysz, and E. E.
    Scime, “Increased upstream ionization due to formation of a double layer,” Phys. Rev.
    Lett. 102, 035004 (2009)

Last updated: 01/04/2021