James W. "Djibo" Zanzot
Department of Biological Sciences
Senior Lecturer

Office: 146 Funchess Hall

Address: 331 Funchess Hall
Auburn University, AL 36849

Phone: (334) 844-7838

Fax: (334) 844-9234

Email: djibo@auburn.edu

Ph.D. - Auburn University
M.S. - Oregon State University
B.A. - Reed College

Research and Teaching Interests

Mycology, botany, entomology, ecology, forest pathology.  Plant-fungal interactions.

Selected Publications

  1. Duong, TA, de Beer, ZW, Zanzot, JW, Wingfield, MJ, and Wingfield, BD. 2012.  Microsatellite markers for Grosmannia alacris (Ophiostomataceae, Ascomycota) and other species in the G. serpens complex. American Journal of Botany, Primer Notes and Protocols 99:e216-e219.

  2. Zanzot, JW, Matusick, G, and Eckhardt, LG.  2010.  Ecology of root-feeding beetles and their associated fungi on longleaf pine in Georgia. Environmental Entomology 39:415-423.

  3. Zanzot, JW, de Beer, ZW, Eckhardt, LG, and Wingfield, MJ.  2010.  A newOphiostoma species from loblolly pine roots in the southeastern United States. Mycological Progress 9:447-457 

  4. Bienapfl, J, Zanzot, JW, Murphy, S, Garbelotto, M, and Rizzo, D.  2005.  Isolation of a new lineage of Phytophthora ramorum from asymptomatic stems and roots of a lot of rhododendron in California.  Austin, TX, July 30-August 3, 2005. Phytopathology 95:S9


Undergraduate Graduate
Introduction to Biology - BIOL1000
Principles of Biology - BIOL1020
Honors Principles of Biology - BIOL1027
Organismal Biology - BIOL1030
Honors Principles of Biology - BIOL1037
Undergraduate Seminar in Ecology - BIOL4950

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