Robert S. Lishak
Department of Biological Sciences
Emeritus Professor


Research Page

Ph.D. - The Ohio State University

Research and Teaching Interests

Acoustic communication of animals.

Selected Publications

  1. McCall C.A., M.A. Salters, K.B. Johnson, S.J. Silverman, W.H. McElhenney and R.S. Lishak. 2003. Equine utilization of a previously learned visual stimulus to solve a novel task. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 82:163-172.

  2. Sappington B.K.F., McCall C.A., Coleman D.A., Kuhlers D.L., Lishak R.S. 1997. A preliminary study of the relationship between discrimination reversal learning and performance tasks in yearling and 2-year-old horses.Applied Animal Behaviour Science 53:157-166.

  3. Blackmore, M.S., and R.S. Lishak. 1985. Food availability and spatial-use patterns of Eastern chipmunks. Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science 56:48-56. 

  4. Hitchcock, R.R., R.E. Mirarchi, and R.S. Lishak. 1989. Recognition of individual male parent vocalizations by nestling mourning doves. Animal Behavior 37:517-520. 

  5. Lishak, R.S. 1984. Alarm vocalizations of adult gray squirrels. J. Mammology 65:681-684.


Undergraduate Graduate
Introductory Biology - BIOL1000
Ethology - BIOL5650
Ethology - BIOL6650

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