Craig Guyer
Department of Biological Sciences
Emeritus Professor



Ph.D. - Miami, Florida

Research and Teaching Interests

Herpetology, tropical ecology, biogeography.

Selected Publications

  1. Murray, C.M., Easter, M., Padilla, S., Garrigós, D.B., Stone, J.A., Bolaños-Montero, J., Sasa, M. and Guyer, C. (2015) Cohort-Dependent Sex Ratio Biases in the American Crocodiles (Crocodylus acutus) of the Tempisque Basin. Copeia 103:541-545.

  2. Folt, B., & Guyer, C. (2015). Evaluating recent taxonomic changes for alligator snapping turtles (Testudines: Chelydridae). Zootaxa 3947:447-450.

  3. Wines, M. P., Johnson, V. M., Lock, B., Antonio, F., Godwin, J. C., Rush, E. M., & Guyer, C. (2015). Optimal husbandry of hatchling Eastern Indigo Snakes (Drymarchon couperi) during a captive headstart program. Zoo Biology.

  4. Steen, D.A., A.E.R. McGee, S.M. Hermann, J.A. Stiles, S.H. Stiles, and C. Guyer. 2010. Effects of forest management on amphibians and reptiles: Generalist species obscure trends among native forest associates. Open Environmental Journal 4:24-30.

  5. Styrsky, J.N, C. Guyer, H. Balbach, and A. Turkmen. 2010. The relationship between burrow abundance and area as a predictor of gopher tortoise population size. Herpetologica 66:401-410. 

  6. Hoss, S.K., C. Guyer, L.A. Smith, and G.W. Schuett. 2010. Multiscale influences of landscape configuration and composition on the spatial ecology of Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnakes (Crotalus adamanteus). Journal of Herpetology 44:110-113.

  7. Graham, S.P., H.K. Hassan, N.D. Burkett-Cadena, C. Guyer, and T.R. Unnasch. 2009. Nestedness of ectoparasite-vertebrate host networks. PLoS ONE 4:e7873.

  8. Romagosa, C., C. Guyer, and M.C. Wooten. 2009. The contribution of the live vertebrate trade toward taxonomic homogenization. Conservation Biology 23:1001-1007. 

  9. Johnson, V.M. C. Guyer, S.M. Hermann, and W.K. Michener. 2009. Patterns of dispersion and burrow use support scramble competition polygyny in Gopherus polyphemusHerpetologica 65:214-218.


Undergraduate Graduate
Vertebrate Biodiversity - BIOL3020
Herpetology - BIOL5740
Herpetology - BIOL6740

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