Roland R. Dute
Department of Biological Sciences
Emeritus Professor


Research Page

Ph.D. - University of Wisconsin
M.S. - Ohio State University
B.S. - Ohio State University

Research and Teaching Interests

My research involves plant anatomy, in particular wood structure. In am interested in the construction and phylogeny of torus-bearing pit membranes. My teaching interests involve plant anatomy and general biology for majors.

Selected Publications

  1. Dute, R. R. (2015). Development, Structure, and Function of Torus–Margo Pits in Conifers, Ginkgo and Dicots. In Functional and Ecological Xylem Anatomy (pp. 77-102). Springer International Publishing.

  2. Dute, R. R., Bowen, L. A., Schier, S., Vevon, A. G., Best, T. L., Auad, M. & Jansen, S. (2014). Pit membranes of Ephedra resemble gymnosperms more than angiosperms. IAWA Journal 35:217-235.

  3. Dute, R. R., Zwack, P. J., Craig, E., & Baccus, S. M. (2012). Torus presence and distribution in leaves of Osmanthus armatus. IAWA Journal 33:257-268.

  4. R. Dute, M.D. Jandrlich, S. Thornton, N. Callahan, & C.J. Hansen.  2011.  Tori in species of DiarthronStellera andThymelaea (Thymelaeaceae). International Association of Wood Anatomists Journal 32:54-66.

  5. R. Dute, D. Rabaey, J. Allison, & S. Jansen.  2010.  Torus-bearing pit membranes in species of Osmanthus.International Association of Wood Anatomists Journal 31:217-226.

  6. S. Jansen, Y. Sano, B. Choat, D. Rabaey, F. Lens, & R. Dute. 2007. Pit membranes in tracheary elements of Rosaceae and related families: new records of tori and pseudotori. American Journal of Botany 94:503-514.

  7. R. Dute, B. Jackson, R. Adkins, & D. Folkerts. 2007. Comparative anatomy of floral and vegetative organs ofCommelina erecta (Commelinaceae). Southeastern Naturalist 6:47-66.

  8. R. Dute, D. Folkerts, J. Watkins, M. Saxon, & R. Boyd. 2004. Floral anatomy and pollination biology of Cyrilla racemifloraSoutheastern Naturalist 3:309-326.

  9. C. Coleman, B. Prather, M. Valente, R. Dute, & M. Miller. 2004. Torus lignification in hardwoods. International Association of Wood Anatomists Journal 25:435-447.


Undergraduate Graduate
Principles of Biology - BIOL1020
Plant Anatomy and Development - BIOL5300
Plant Anatomy and Development - BIOL6300

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