Paul A. Cobine
Department of Biological Sciences
Lawrence C. Wit Professor and Chair

Office: 101E Rouse Life Sciences Bldg.

Address: 101 Rouse Life Sciences Bldg.
Auburn University, AL 36849

Phone: (334) 844-1661


Curriculum vitae


Postdoctoral Fellow - University of Utah
Ph.D. - The University of Queensland, Australia
B.S. - The University of Queensland, Australia

Research and Teaching Interests

My research is focused on the mechanisms for recruitment and distribution of metals. Metal availability is a limiting factor for cell survival, therefore mechanisms to maintain the appropriate metal concentration have been highly conserved. We are especially interested in 1) how metals are distributed, stored and used in mitochondria; the majority of these studies use the model organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae and 2) the metal requirements of the phytopathogen Xylella fastidiosa in infection and the subsequent development of disease.

Selected Publications

Marcus V Merfa, Xinyu Zhu, Deepak Shantharaj, Laura M Gomez, Eber Naranjo, Neha Potnis, Paul A Cobine, Leonardo De La Fuente (2023) Complete functional analysis of type IV pilus components of a reemergent plant pathogen reveals neofunctionalization of paralog genes PLoS Pathogens 19 (2), e1011154

Kimberly A Jett, Zakery N Baker, Amzad Hossain, Aren Boulet, Paul A Cobine, Sagnika Ghosh, Philip Ng, Orhan Yilmaz, Kris Barreto, John DeCoteau, Karen Mochoruk, George N Ioannou, Christopher Savard, Sai Yuan, Osama HMH Abdalla, Christopher Lowden, Byung-Eun Kim, Hai-Ying Mary Cheng, Brendan J Battersby, Vishal M Gohil, Scot C Leary (2023) Mitochondrial dysfunction reactivates α-fetoprotein expression that drives copper-dependent immunosuppression in mitochondrial disease models The Journal of Clinical Investigation 133 (1) 

Deepak Shantharaj, Eber Naranjo, Marcus Merfa, Paul A. Cobine, Swadeshmukul Santra, Leonardo De La Fuente (2023) Zinc oxide-based nanoformulation Zinkicide® mitigates the xylem-limited pathogen Xylella fastidiosa in tobacco and southern highbush blueberry Plant Disease 107 (4), 1096-1106

Leonardo De La Fuente, Marcus V Merfa, Paul A Cobine, Jeffrey J Coleman (2022) Pathogen adaptation to the xylem environment Annual Review of Phytopathology 60, 163-186 

Paul A Cobine, Donita C Brady (2022) Cuproptosis: Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying copper-induced cell death. Molecular cell 82 (10), 1786-1787 

Erika A Keshishian, Brannan R Cliver, William F McLaughlin, H Tucker Hallmark, Lenka Plačková, Leslie R Goertzen, Ondřej Novák, Paul A Cobine, Courtney P Leisner, Aaron M Rashotte (2022) CYTOKININ RESPONSE FACTOR 2 is involved in modulating the salt stress response The Plant Journal 110 (4), 1097-1110 

Amy E Medlock, J Catrice Hixon, Tawhid Bhuiyan, Paul A Cobine (2022) Prime real estate: metals, cofactors and MICOS Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, 10 

Qing Ge, Xinyu Zhu, Paul A. Cobine, Leonardo De La Fuente (2022) The copper-binding protein CutC is involved in copper homeostasis and affects virulence in the xylem-limited pathogen Xylella fastidiosa Phytopathology 112 (8), 1620-1629

Eva J. Ge, Ashley I. Bush, Angela Casini, Paul A. Cobine, Justin R. Cross, Gina M. DeNicola, Q. Ping Dou, Katherine J. Franz, Vishal M. Gohil, Sanjeev Gupta, Stephen G. Kaler, Svetlana Lutsenko, Vivek Mittal, Michael J. Petris, Roman Polishchuk, Martina Ralle, Michael L. Schilsky, Nicholas K. Tonks, Linda T. Vahdat, Linda Van Aelst, Dan Xi, Peng Yuan, Donita C. Brady, Christopher J. Chang (2022) Connecting copper and cancer: from transition metal signalling to metalloplasia Nature Cancer Reviews 22, 102–113 

Qing Ge, Ranlin Liu, Paul A Cobine, Neha Potnis, Leonardo De La Fuente (2021) Phenotypic and Phylogenetic Characterization of Cu Homeostasis among Xylella fastidiosa Strains Pathogens 10 (4): 495 

Xinyu Zhu*, Aren Boulet*, Katherine M. Buckley*, Casey B. Phillips, Micah G. Gammon, Laura E. Oldfather, Stanley A. Moore, Scot C. Leary, Paul A. Cobine (2021) Mitochondrial copper and phosphate transporter specificity was defined early in the evolution of eukaryotes. eLife, 10; e64690 *equal co-first authors


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Undergraduate Graduate
General Microbiology - BIOL3200
Clinical Microbiology - BIOL5200
Virology - BIOL5230
Prokaryotic Molecular Genetics- BIOL5260
Model Systems and Human Disease - BIOL4970/7970
Graduate Teaching in Biology- BIOL7970

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