Printing Quotes

All printing projects must have three quotes from approved vendors. To find the latest list of preferred supplier contracts, visit Procurement and Business Services and scroll down to Printing Program. 

The person who designed the artwork should request printing quotes for that artwork. 

Sample email:

Title of email: Printing quote requested

Email text: 

Please provide a quote for a print piece called insert the name of your project here. The quote will reference the name of the project that you give the printer. 


  • Quantity: 
  • Paper stock:
  • Size of printed piece:
  • Folding or stapling requested: 
  • Bleed or no-bleed:
  • Double-sided or single sided:

Submit your quote by 4:45 p.m. on insert specific date via email to insert your email address here.

Your name

Sample of quote request for postcards:

Title of email: Printing quote requested for postcards 

Email text: 

Can you provide a printing quote for 500 postcards? The specifications are listed below:
Size of postcard: 5x7 inches
Full-color : 4/4 with bleeds
Stock: 100# C1S cover (Coated cover, other side not coated for mailing address information)
Cut to final size of 5x7 inches 
Please email me the quote by insert date at 4:45 p.m.
Thank you.