Auburn University offers a 50 percent tuition waiver for undergraduate-level courses to the spouses and dependents of full-time AU faculty and staff.

Dependent eligibility is based on the dependent meeting the eligibility requirements for dental insurance coverage under the university's group dental insurance plan. This tuition waiver does not apply for graduate and doctoral-level courses. This plan is in accordance with 26 U.S. Code § 127. You may wish to consult with an accountant regarding potential tax implications.

Dependent eligibility begins on the first day of employment for the employee.

* Exclusion - The dependent education benefit cannot be applied to AuburnFirst tuition.

Application Process (Online)

To register for this benefit, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on AU Access.

  3. Enter your username and password.

  4. Click on the Self Service icon (Banner).

  5. Select Dependent Education Benefit

Documentation providing proof of the relationship is required prior to approval and you must be on a university network computer to upload secure documents to the portal. You may revisit the site to monitor the progression of your application; however, you will also receive an email at each stage of progression. 

Auburn University Montgomery (AUM) requires dependents attending classes at AUM to apply each fall semester. Auburn University dependents only need to apply once.

Last updated: 02/17/2023