Strategic Budgeting, Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Structure and Reporting
Do college income statements include all departments?

Yes. Income statements include all departments within a college or school.

Please note the strategic budget model stops at the college or school level and does not apply at the departmental level. It is possible that deans could elect to follow similar principles in establishing departmental budgets, but the University-level budget model would not require this.

How are Divisions 3 and 4 represented within the model?

Division 3 and 4 revenues and expenses that are attributable to a specific college or school through Auburn’s chart of accounts appear next to, but separate from, the college or school’s Division 1 funds. Revenues and expenses for Divisions 3 and 4 that cannot be attributed to a specific college or school appear within units titled “Division 3” and “Division 4.”

Why does the Strategic Budget Model include all divisions of Auburn University?

It is important to show all divisions within the model to ensure strategic direction and commitments are established with full, true understanding of all funds at Auburn University. A model that did not include all funds would limit the University’s ability to make optimal decisions and would hinder transparency. Incorporating all divisions improves the accuracy and transparency of the model and creates an opportunity to educate the campus community about the various components that make up Auburn University (Auburn campus, Montgomery campus, the Agricultural Experiment Station, and the Cooperative Extension System).

While accuracy and transparency are best served by including all divisions in the representation of Auburn’s funds, this inclusion does not imply that divisional funds will be reallocated or made liable to an assessment within the model.

Last updated: May 13, 2021