Strategic Budgeting, Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Personnel Expenditures
How will salary enhancements be awarded/managed?

All salary enhancement programs will be administered institutionally. Since virtually all revenues are distributed to the colleges and schools, all salary enhancements (permanent or one-time) must be funded by the colleges and schools. Allocations of “base budget” from central pools will no longer occur. Salary enhancements (permanent or one-time) for central unit employees will be incrementally included in the unit’s proposed budget and funded by the colleges/schools based on the allocation variable for the cost pool.

Will colleges and schools that require support from the Mission Enhancement Fund have opportunity for the same salary enhancement percentages as those that do not require such support?

All units (colleges/schools and administrative units) should apply raise guidelines uniformly.

How will new expenditures be funded for job family promotions, academic rank promotions, and matching professorships?

No central pool of funding will be held back for increases in compensation associated with job family promotion, academic rank promotion, matching professorships, merit increases, mandatory fixed fringe benefit rate changes, or one-time salary supplements. All compensation increases will be funded from revenues available to the employee’s college, school or administrative office.

Last updated: May 14, 2021