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DMS Algebra Seminar
Time: Nov 09, 2021 (02:30 PM)
Location: ZOOM



Speaker: Benjamin Lovitz (University of Waterloo).Title: A generalization of Kruskal's theorem on tensor decomposition


Abstract: Kruskal's theorem states that a sum of product tensors constitutes a unique tensor rank decomposition if the so-called k-ranks of the product tensors are large. We prove a "splitting theorem" for sets of product tensors, in which the k-rank condition of Kruskal's theorem is weakened to the standard notion of rank, and the conclusion of uniqueness is relaxed to the statement that the set of product tensors splits (i.e. is disconnected as a matroid). Our splitting theorem implies a generalization of Kruskal's theorem. While several extensions of Kruskal's theorem are already present in the literature, all of these use Kruskal's original permutation lemma, and hence still cannot certify uniqueness when the k-ranks are below a certain threshold. Our generalization uses a completely new proof technique, contains many of these extensions, and can certify uniqueness below this threshold. Based on joint work with Pavel Gubkin and Fedor Petrov.



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