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  • You will not receive credit for any courses taken while on suspension from Auburn.
  • You will receive hours credit at Auburn for approved courses at other institutions, but the grades you earn will not be averaged into your Auburn GPA.
  • Remember you will have to report ALL grades to any graduate or professional school or any employer who asks for your transcript, so ALL GRADES ARE IMPORTANT!
  • Please read the following instructions on securing permission from your Academic Advisor to take classes at another institution.
    • Apply to the other college as a TRANSIENT student.  This means you plan to take classes at another institution for a semester, but will return to Auburn after that semester.
    • Log on to your tiger i account, on the main menu click on "Transient Enrollment for Auburn Students at Other Institutions". 
    • Take completed form to transient institution.
    • Request one copy of your transcript be sent from the other institution to Auburn University’s Registrar’s Office once your grades have been posted.

Last Updated: 08/11/2020