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Survival Tips

Dr. Wit standing with students

You may have been a success in high school with little effort.  However, successful Auburn students have learned that these things are essential to survive on the Plains.

TOP 10 Habits for Surviving at Auburn

  1. Learn to manage your time.
  2. Go to class and be on time.
  3. Sit near the front of the class.
  4. Keep current with your assignments, use good study skills, and study nearly every day.  Yes, even smart students have to study!!
  5. Select a major and career that plays to your strengths and interests.
  6. Get to know at least one professor.
  7. Find ways to relax and refresh yourself.
  8. Get tutoring or seek additional help for difficult classes.
  9. Get involved in student professional organizations.
  10. Seek help and guidance from your academic advisor.

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Last Updated: 01/30/2019