Graduate Travel Fund Overview

COSAM Graduate Student Travel Fund Application: Overview

Please carefully read the 'Rules' and 'Process' pages (see left panel of four buttons; click on them) because each have undergone significant change

Announcements are given approximately two weeks in advance of the due date. 


Overview: The College of Science and Mathematics provides modest support for COSAM graduate students to present their dissertation or thesis research at scientific meetings. Funds are rarely provided for workshops and are never provided for research effort or travel to research sites.

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Due Dates

Review Period

Travel Period


1 - Fall Semester

15 August - 15 January

30 Sept

2 - Spring Semester 

15 December - 15 May

14 February

3 - Summer

15 April - 15 September 

1 June



Graduate Travel Committee

Dr. Ziqin Feng (Math/Statistics, Chair)

Dr. Haibo Zou (Geosciences)

Mr. Prosenjit Ray (Chem/BioChem, Grad student) 

Dr. Jianjun Dong (Physics) 

Dr. Daniel Jones (Biological Sciences) 


If you experience any difficulties with the process, please contact the COSAM Assoc. Dean for Research