Drop-In Center

The COSAM Drop-In Center, established in 1994, occupies rooms in the Science Center Classrooms Building including staff offices and study/workshop rooms. The Drop-In Center housed in the College of Sciences and Mathematics Office of Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity is the home of a comprehensive, academic-support program for all students with majors in sciences and mathematics. During the school year, free tutoring is offered in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. 
"During the pandemic, I didn’t have any motivations to study at home," said Junior Biomedical Sciences major Lucy Chae. "Being able to access the Drop-In Center helped me A LOT to study. I was able to talk through my concerns with Dr. Mulligan, Mr. Oliver, and Mrs. Brown. They gave me motivation!" Altogether, Lucy said the Drop-In Center, "... was quiet and roomy. It was great place to study!"
The COSAM OIED Drop-In Center study/workshop rooms have been rearranged to be compliant with social distancing guidelines while still enabling students to take advantage of free printing, study space and tutoring services. See below for additional tutoring session information.
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