Outstanding Juniors

The Outstanding Junior award is given annually to one recipient from each department or program within COSAM. The award is given based on the student's academic performance, character, and professional potential. Recipients are awarded at the COSAM Honors Convocation each April.


Stefan Larsson - Biological Sciences
Juan Contreras - Biomedical Sciences
Emma Drake - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Caroline Locker - Geosciences
Maia Goldstein - Mathematics and Statistics
Alyssa Jorda - Physics


Chloe Moore - Biological Sciences
Stella Cox - Biomedical Sciences
Ryan Mumford - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Evan Trueb - Geosciences
David Walker - Mathematics and Statistics
Rachel Fulda - Physics


Emma Peacock - Biological Sciences
Madeleine Bruderer - Biomedical Sciences
Katharine Lightfoot - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Kerstin Glaser - Geosciences
Rebecca Self - Mathematics and Statistics
Christopher Chase - Physics-->


Ruobing Chen - Biological Sciences
Danny Xiao - Biomedical Sciences
Xavier Streety - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Lauren Dickerson - Geosciences
Michael McMeen - Mathematics and Statistics
Davis Arthur - Physics


Andrew Bonner - Biological Sciences
Morgan Sisk - Biomedical Sciences
Katherine Hunter - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Mason Woodard - Geosciences
Leann Kopp - Mathematics and Statistics
Brady Unzicker - Physics