Lilly-Lovelace Distinguished Service Award

The successes of the College of Sciences and Mathematics at Auburn University are often credited to its faculty and students. However, these successes are built upon foundations provided by the efforts of an outstanding and dedicated staff. The Lilly-Lovelace Distinguished Service Award is presented annually and recognizes individual staff members in COSAM who have helped to provide these foundations through exemplary service to the College.

The Lilly-Lovelace Distinguished Service Award is named in honor of two former COSAM staff members: Eva Lilly and Jan Lovelace. Lilly provided 42 years of service, most of which was in the Department of Geosciences. Lovelace was an executive support assistant in the COSAM Dean’s Office for 13 years. The award was established in 2012 after Lovelace retired.

2020 Recipients

  • Dave Patrick, Department of Physics
  • Janice Brown, COSAM Office of Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity
  • Jeff Estep, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Maria Gebhardt, COSAM Office of Communications and Marketing
  • Stanley Spence, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Teddy Dubose, COSAM Office of Outreach 

 2020 Lilly-Lovelace Awards

Dave Patrick, Janice Brown, Maria Gebhardt, Dean Nicholas J. Giordano, Teddy Dubose and Jeff Estep. (Not pictured: Stanley Spence)

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2019 Recipients

  • Anna Allen (Office of Student Services)
  • Darrick Artis (Department of Physics)
  • Joyce Hung (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)
  • Michele Smith (Department of Biological Sciences) 

 Lilly-Lovelace Award

Pictured left to right: Darrick Artis, Michele Smith, Anna Allen, Joyce Hung and Dean Giordano.

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 2018 Recipients 

  • Katherine Calloway (COSAM Office of Human Resources)
  • Paula Norrell (Department of Biological Sciences)
  • Matt Montgomery (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry) 

Katherine Calloway   Matt Montgomery

Pictured left to right:  Dean Giordano presents the award to Katherine Calloway; Matt Montgomery receives the award from Dean Giordano.

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2017 Recipients
  • Patrick Stringer
  • Krysta Diehl

2016 Recipients
  • Freddie Killian

2015 Recipients
  • JoAnn Broach
  • Jennifer Morris
  • Sheila Arington

2014 Recipients
  • Lynn Walker

2013 Recipients
  • Glenelle Lindsay
  • Gwen Kirk
  • Beverley Childress
  • Stephen Swann