COSAM News Articles 2017 February Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Connie Faro, biomedical sciences ’95

Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Connie Faro, biomedical sciences ’95

Published: 02/16/2017

By: Lindsay Penny

Connie Faro is an OB/GYN at the Women’s Hospital of Texas. Faro works alongside her uncle and cousin, delivering more than 200 babies each year. She was recently featured on The Today Show’s series, “24 Hours With…” where a camera followed her for a full day. 

You were featured on The Today Show. What was that like?

What an experience! When I was asked to participate in the Today Show series "24 Hours With…", I was hesitant to do it at first because I am not that type of personality. I was nervous! But once I asked my mother her opinion, there was no turning back. Proud mom! The producer and Craig Melvin, the correspondent, made the day as easy as possible. It was a very long day. Due to my somewhat hesitation to do the show, I mentioned to the producers that I work with my uncle and cousin, as well as my husband who is a physician at the hospital. It’s a family affair. That shifted some of the attention away from me! I thought that they did a nice job with the segment. 

What made you choose obstetrics?

My father is a heart and vascular surgeon in South Florida. Growing up, I spent weekends with my father in the hospital watching him see patients and performing heart surgery. I found it mesmerizing! My father is an amazing teacher. While I was at Auburn, there was a summer course titled "Hospital Experience" that I took. During that course, I followed an amazing obstetrician, and he introduced me to the miracle of delivering babies and allowed me to occasionally follow him during my off time. That was my first exposure to obstetrics and gynecology.

In the beginning of medical school, my plan was to follow in my father's footsteps and become a cardiovascular surgeon. At Creighton, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is known for inspiring medical students to choose the field. The physicians who taught us made it fun and exciting. I was inspired to pursue OB/GYN, but wanted to see what other programs were like. My uncle, Sebastian Faro, is an OB/GYN in Houston. He has been chairman of various OB/GYN departments around the country and has authored numerous books in the field. I was allowed to develop an elective to spend time with him in my fourth year of medical school, and that pretty much helped me decide it was what I wanted to do. 

What is the most rewarding part of your career? 

I love delivering babies. Each patient and delivery is a unique experience. I love the continuity of care. To take the journey through pregnancy from beginning to end with a couple or family is very rewarding. You almost feel part of the family by the end. I love to watch my babies grow through their mothers from year to year during Well Woman Exams when they show me photos or bring the children in to see me.  

What brought you to Auburn? 

I grew up in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. I am a twin, and when we were finishing high school, we decided that it was best for us to try to separate for college. My sister stayed in Florida at the University of Central Florida, and I decided I would like to venture out of state. My parents took me to visit various colleges, including Clemson and Auburn. My father always tells me that he knew the minute we stepped on campus at Auburn it was a done deal. He says that he could just tell by the look on my face as we toured campus. 

While at Auburn, I pledged Delta Zeta and met lifelong friends. I majored in biomedical sciences and did research as well with Dr. Mary Mendonca.

How did COSAM prepare you for medical school?

The advice and counseling from COSAM were extremely valuable during my time at Auburn. I actually did not go straight to medical school from Auburn. I pursued a master’s degree in biomedical sciences and studied gastrointestinal physiology at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, where my family had attended. I took the advice from COSAM and applied it to my time at both Auburn and Creighton when deciding to apply to medical school. Once my master’s degree was completed, I was accepted to the Creighton University School of Medicine, where I received my doctorate. I will always cherish the guidance from the staff of COSAM. 

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